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     The Art of Reneé King is an ebullient collage of oil, acrylic, and mixed media paintings.

Enjoy animal paintings, floral paintings, scenic paintings and her all new dynamic and vibrant musical paintings - a great treat! All of the paintings are wholly and uniquely the Art of Reneé King.

Her work can be seen in person at some of the finest Florida art festivals and Art Shows. Shop for reproductions, prints, note cards, HERE or if you are a person that enjoys original works of art ordered directly from the artist, then use the Contact Me page to request more information.

All art works and images contained within this web site are copyright 2018 Reneé King or their respective owners. All images are for viewing purposes only and any other use must receive permission in writing from the artist. PTION: The art of Reneé King, florida artist, is an ebullient collage of oil paintings and acrylic paintings. See Reneé King's newest paintings, at florida art festivals and art shows, they are a stylized and distinctly original invention uniquely Reneé King. KEYWORDS: Reneé King, Renee King, Art of Renee King, musical paintings, oil acrylic paintings, florida artist, art festivals in florida.

Renee' King, a Philadelphia born artist, Art Director, and now a Florida artist, creates original paintings in oil paintings, acrylic paintings, and mixed media paintings. Her work can be seen in and around Florida as she participates in some of the finest art festivals displaying her fine artwork paintings in oil, acrylic, and mixed-media art. Renee King, Art Director, florida artist, mixed media paintings, philadelphia born artist, sign designs, layouts, hand lettering, airbrush, technical drawings, photo collages, art, paintings, florals, artist, artwork, florida beaches paintings, tropical art, design, artist in florida, custom art, marine paintings, Marine Corps graphic designer.